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You are the greatest heroes of the 25th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, protecting the royal family from the predations of the Assyrian Empire – the military superpower of the age. As the Assyrian war machine draws closer to the Egyptian capital of Waset, the Pharaoh's ablest counsellor – his cousin, the Princess – becomes a target. As the assassins close in, they face the furious fists, the devious cunning, and the amazing stunts of your legendary warriors.

Throw this sucker into Nefertiti Overdrive with,

The Princess: a child of the royal blood, counsellor to Pharaoh and a natural-born leader.

The Etruscan: the loyal bodyguard and surrogate father of the Princess.

The Spartan: the perfect warrior, exiled from his homeland and certain he will die in a foreign land.

The Amazon: barbarian royalty, born to horse and bow, and better than any man she knows – except, perhaps, the Spartan.

The Monk: a wandering philosopher with deadly fists and a clown’s levity hiding a past tragedy.

The Serpent: an assassin, from the streets of Waset, linked by oath to a goddess of death.

These quickstart rules include an introductory adventure for Nefertiti Overdrive, which is now available.


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