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Far from Kush, in the city of Abydos, enemies surround and hunt the Princess and the heroes of the Kushite Dynasty. They must cross Upper Egypt, a land the dynasty once ruled but is now the domain for the Assyrians and their local proxy, the Saite Dynast—the new pharaoh by right of conquest.

Using wits, iron, and the love the people still harbour, the heroes seek to return to their home in Kush, to join their king and their kin, and to foil the plans of their enemies.

A mere handful versus thousands.

No problem.

The March Up Country is one translation for Anabasis, Xenophon’s story of 10,000 Greek mercenaries trapped deep in Persia. This adventure echoes that theme. It is the latest in a collection of adventures set during the fall of the 25th Dynasty of Pharaonic Egypt. The first of these was the free adventure “Rumours of War,” which is part of the Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart. Judged linked this first adventure to “Get Netiqret,” the adventure included in Nefertiti Overdrive, and these were followed by The Icon of Amun-Ra.

 This adventure was developed as part of a Patreon campaign. If you would like to see more adventures like this, please support the author at Patreon.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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