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It’s 2068 and if you aren’t on top of the heap, you are buried deep under it. Technology makes the lives of the wealthy unbelievably luxurious, and it’s the poor that pay for it. Corporations have all but supplanted nations. Even the armies are private enterprises.

Not a great time to be a burned operative.

You worked within this framework, even if you didn’t like it. But then you got blamed for a mistake. It doesn’t matter what it was, it doesn’t even matter if you were at fault. Palantine Security Systems has decided that until it can figure out the real story, it’s going to keep you confined to the city.

So there you and your crew find yourselves, possessors of a very particular set of skills, trapped in the city, and under suspicion. Maybe you see it as a way to get back at the corporate overlords. Maybe you’ve always been the kind to protect the powerless and shelter the innocent. It doesn’t matter, you’ve found a way to put your skills to use and still get a good night’s sleep.

In fact, you’re sleeping better than ever.

Inspired by Burn Notice, The A-Team, and The Equalizer, BurnScape is a collection of three adventures for Sword’s Edge set in a cyberpunk dystopia, in which the characters have been burned by the security services and now hire themselves out to help those in need that no one else is willing to help. The adventures are intended for 3-6 characters, and the product includes six pre-generated characters.

You can find Sword’s Edge on itch.io here.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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