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A freelance intelligence operative who uses the codename Angel has put a bounty out on herself. The message indicates that unknown forces have captured her and she’s been imprisoned, with much worse on the horizon. If a hunter can get her to a Federated Services terminal, she will be able to transfer a large amount of currency into their account.

And the characters are the best hunters in the galaxy. Or, at least, they like to think they are.

Face 'Splosion is a running and gunning adventure of high octane action on a desolate planet far from the “civilized” systems. Out here, hunters survive through wits and firepower. And someone that could get the drop on Angel? Well, that right there’s a dangerous opponent.

This adventure is for Sword’s Edge, available on itch.io. It includes six pre-generated characters and supplementary rules for vehicles. It was developed as part of a Patreon campaign. If you would like to see more adventures like this, please support the author at Patreon.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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