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The arms traders of the world are abuzz about a new deal that is coming—someone is selling something, but the details are secret. Analysis suggests it is a weapon of mass destruction, some kind of strategic system for which many groups and even nations are vying. The sellers are mysterious, but the ripples they make in the arms underworld is significant—this is a heavy-weight, suggesting this isn’t just a rumour or a false positive. A real threat is brewing out there, but no one knows what and no one knows where.

With little intelligence a few options, the executive activates the Clandestine Activities Special Executive. CASE is beyond secret, with a budget hidden in a riddle wrapped in an enigma. It needs to find out what is being sold, who is selling it, and then stop them from doing so. The rules of engagement are there are no rules. The executive isn’t willing to risk a mass-casualty event, not anywhere in the word. The leadership has let slip the dogs of war.

Op REDEMPTION is an action-thriller adventure for Sword’s Edge, available on itch.io. It includes six pre-generated characters.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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