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It’s the turn of the 11th century BCE in the Mediterranean. The kingdoms of the Achaean Greeks, the empire of the Hittites, the trade centre of Troy, and the powerful city-states that line the coast have fallen. Egypt faces ruin. The world, as you know it, is ending.

Welcome to the Late Bronze Age Collapse.

Blown off course on a trade mission, you find yourselves in the Levantine port city of Anatheros, with both a tyrant that seeks to exploit you and an opposition faction of aristocrats who would likely be happy to do the same. All you want to do is repair your vessel and sail home, but it seems that everyone with power conspires to stop you from doing so. How far can they push you? What will Anatheros look like when you finally do sail away?

In Poles of Power, you play a character who has fled their homeland during this time of disasters and chaos, and has found a community among those we now know as the Sea Peoples. Kingdoms, cities, and order itself have all collapsed, and now you seek to protect the community you have found—family and friends both.

Poles of Power is an adventure for is a historical adventure for Sword’s Edge, available on itch.io, which includes a short discussion of the period, and six pre-generated characters.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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