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The civil war between Caesar and Pompey has been going on a year, and Gaul has only a skeleton crew of legionaries guarding it. Seeking recruits, a vexillatio from Pompey arrives at Third Fort, a small outpost between the fortresses at Vesontio and Divio—in what had been the territory of the Sequani. But the legionaries stationed in Third Fort are loyal to Caesar.

The Sequani, however, are not loyal, and a handful of warriors from the Suebi confederation have persuaded them that now is the time to oppose the Romans. They might not be able to throw off the yoke, but they can at least get some revenge—and some loot along the way.

Questions of Loyalty is an adventure for Centurion: Legionaries of Rome for between three and six characters. It includes six pre-generated characters and usually runs between six and nine hours of play time.

You can find Centurion: Legionaries of Rome on itch.io.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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