Fraser Ronald

The greatest heroes of the House of Kashta must rescue one of their own from the Assyrian military juggernaut.
As the Assyrians approach royal Thebes, a Princess of the House of Kashta is targeted for assassination.
In a city of memories is a city of violence.
The client says they stole his body. He's paying you to believe him, but is he paying you enough to get killed?
Covert operators hunt down members of a secretive criminal cabal
Covert operators seek to rescuse a family held hostage by a mysterious arms trading organization
An adventure set in the Late Bronze Age Collapse
Humans with heroic powers in a post-apocalyptics world
Ten years ago, the world ended. Today you’ve been chosen to bring it back.
Sent into Dacia on a secret mission by the Emperor Aurelian, the characters face the threat of a Gothic invasion
An adventure for Sword's Edge set in the 16th century Scots border marches
A modern action/thriller adventure for Sword's Edge
A running and gunning adventure of high octane action for Sword's Edge
A modern action adventure for Sword's Edge
A modern action/thriller Sword's Edge adventure
A tabletop role-playing game of pulp adventures.
It might be a Roman civil war, but that doesn't mean the Gauls can't get in on it.
The Roman legions in Hispania find themselves unwelcome visitors.
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty must escape Abydos and return to their home
Loyal retainers of Tutankhamun seek to rescue his widow from a forced marriage
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty must hunt a traitor and recover a mythic artifact
Heroes of the Kushite Dynasty hunt down a nest of assassins
Space marines in powered armour!
Fast and simple fantasy action